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  • Topics:

    Cambodia - Vietnam Business Matching (October 25, 2017)

  • Location:

    Svay Rieng Province

  • Start Date:

    25 Oct 2017

  • End Date:
    2017-10-25 17:00:00

    25 Oct 2017

Event Description

1. Background

Cross-border trade promotion and investment for countries within Greater-Mekong Sub-region (GMS), including Cambodia, China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, and Vietnam (CCLMTV), are vital to the economic development. GMS countries have been using economic corridors to promote economic growth and development. With regards to the Southern Economic Corridor (SEC), the connectivity of four countries, namely Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (CMTV) provides competitive advantage in the cross-border trade and investment. Such situation is seen as an opportunity to learn and collaborate for business networking to explore market opportunities. In realization of the significance of trade promotion through the development of trade events, Mekong Institute (MI) organized one-week Regional Training program on “Trade Events Promotion” on June 12-16, 2017 at MI Residential Training Center, Khon Kaen, Thailand. One of the main objectives of the training was to strengthen skills in planning and conducting effective trade events and monitoring the success of the event in order to promote cross-border trade and investment in the SEC. Training participants from the CMTV were provided practical inputs to implement joint cross-border trade event to reinforce collaboration between the cross-national Trade Promotion Organizations (TPOs) in promoting business networking for SMEs in order to 1) eventually increase the cross-border trade and 2) apply knowledge gained from the training program in the field level.

A group of participants from Cambodia that consists of 2 provinces (Svay Rieng and Khampong Chnang province) worked in partnership with a group of participants from Vietnam that consists of 1 (Tay Ninh province) to implement joint action plan on cross-border trade event, namely  CAMBODIA-VIETNAM BUSINESS MATCHING 2017.

2. Objectives

The business matching event aims at offering TPOs from 3 provinces of Cambodia and Vietnam have the opportunities to apply knowledge they have gained from the training from MI into field level, to reinforce collaboration and promoting business network for local SMEs in order to increase the cross-border trade.

Key objectives of the CAMBODIA –VIETNAM Business Matching 2017 are to:

  •  promote cross-border trade and business activities;
  •  Providing trade-networking opportunity for local SMEs to expand their business across borders.

3. Expected Results

  • build at least 15 % of business network and engagement through business matching ( face to face communicating)
  • Promote the potential products and its brand visibility to gain wider recognition;
  • Seek and identify new business opportunities;
  • Seek and identify more business partners.

4. Event Structure

CAMBODIA-VIETNAM Business Matching 2017 will be a full-day Business Matching and will be
implemented on October 23, 2017 at WaiKo Hotel in Svay Rieng province, Cambodia.
Key features of the program are:

  • Remarkable note from the governors of participating provinces in relation to cross-border trade promotion;
  • Presentation of the key information of the potential products to investors by respective businessmen from Cambodia and Thailand;
  • Business matching activities to access to more partners as the entry point for new trading opportunities.

5. Estimated Budget

  • Estimated expenditure is 3,800 USD, covering event venue, transportation and accommodation allowance for organizers and participants, human resource, promotion and communication cost;
  • Estimate revenue is 5,250 USD from admission fee, sponsors and contribution from MI and other TPOs.

6. Target Participants

Around 15 buyers and 15 sellers from Cambodia and Vietnam will participate in the CAMBODIAVIETNAM Business Matching 2017. Sellers will be local SMEs who are the producers, distributers, wholesalers and retailers of relevant products and service sectors such as: agribusiness, handicraft product, souvenirs and education services.


  • Local SME from Vietnam o1 province Tay Nihn and from Cambodia 02 provinces, Svay Rieng and Kampong Chnang, who are the producers, distributers, wholesalers and retailers;
  • Private companies / enterprises who are the subsidizers, distributers and wholesalers.


  • Private companies / enterprises
  • Local businessmen
  • Government officers

7. Organizers


  • Provincial Government Officers from Tay Ninh province.


  • Provincial Department of Commerce of 2 provinces such as: Kampong Chnang, Svay Rieng
  • Provincial Department of Industry and Handicraft of 2 provinces such as: Kampong Chnang, Svay Rieng

8. Contact
For details, please contact:
Tel: +84 913.884.035
Email: [email protected]

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