The Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce Ratchaburi, THAILAND

Superior Organization: The Thai Chamber of Commerce
Organization sector: The Thai Chamber of Commerce
Business type:
  • Non-governmental and non-profit organizations (NGO & NPO)
No. of employee:
Year establishment: 1985
Key services:
  • Promote enterprises for the benefit of trade industry finance and the economy and tourism in the province of Ratchaburi.
  • Coordinate trade activities between entrepreneurs and government agencies.
  • Advisory service to members
  • Perform other business activities as prescribed by law (Chamber Act) in the Chamber’s duty.


Development history:

     In 1984, the government, led by General Prem Tinsulanonda, had the policy to promote the establishment of the Chamber of Commerce, in order to support the Chamber Act, 1966. To support the policy of establishing the joint Government and private sector committee to solve the economic problems (กรอ.), to solve both economic and administrative problems. The policy passed to provincial governors and provincial committees nationwide.

     At that time, the governor of Ratchaburi assigned to the Deputy Governor And provincial commerce as the operators to encourage businessmen to form the Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce by organizing an informal meeting by inviting businessmen in the Mueng, Ban Pong, and Photharam district attended the meeting to listen the benefits, objectives and goals of the Chamber of Commerce Organization.

     Later on March 1, 1965, Deputy Governor of Ratchaburi. Presided over the meeting to prepare for the establishment of the Chamber. Officials from government agencies attended the meeting with business people in Ratchaburi. The meeting was nominated the 7 founders of the Provincial Chamber of Commerce, who have been campaigning to persuade business people in various occupations who Interested and seen the importance of the Chamber. There are about 105 members. (at that time)


Mission:   Develop networks and cooperate with the government and private sector in the province, regional and national level.

Vision:     It is the main institution of business. Have knowledge, have strong network and cooperation. Be potential for opportunities and be competitive to build a sustainable economy for the province.

Key responsibility:

  1. Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce will promote private business in all career to develop the economy and society of the province.
  2. Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce will benefit members and business operators in general.
  3. Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce will coordinate with the government for economic and social development of the province.
  4. Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce will enhance the potential for economic development according to government policy
  5. Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce will develop local people in all aspects.

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General Contact
Tel.: 32-322226
Fax.: 32-326655
Legal representative
Name: Mr. Pichai Tangsuk
Position: President, Ratchaburi Chamber of Commerce
157/7 Petkaseam Road, Muang Ratchaburi, 70000, Ratchaburi, THAILAND

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