Sakeao Herb Cluster

Superior Organization: Sakeao Incent Community Enterprise
Organization sector: private
Business type:
  • Social Enterprises
No. of employee:
Year establishment: 2016
Key services:
  • Give knowledge of producing herbs
  • Generate income
  • Develop skills to community


Development history:

     The president of the group has inherited process of making perfumery and incense from ancestors, expert, and the local doctor. On 19 September 2002 has registered the Fragrance women cooperative in Sa-Kaeo and then on 24 October 2007 has changed the name to be “Sa-Kaeo Incent Community Enterprise” with 25 members.


Mission: The linkage from provincial to regional to country.

Vision:  Fragrances produce good quality products, bring local wisdom to sustainable development.


Key responsibility

Generate income and revenue to local business, distributing income to the members. Gives advice and feedback.

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Organization structure

Promotional materials
Brochure Flyer
  1. Community of Conservation and Conservation of Local Wisdom 2017

Organization activities

Partnership and network

Business partners MOU
Kasetsart University Yes
Mekong Institute No
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Membership Info

Procedure to be a member

Any interested person - Apply direct at the office of the community

Membership benefits
  • Knowledge and teaching way to grow the herbs
  • Training and giving knowledge and more understanding about Thai local herbs
Services provided to members


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General Contact
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