Ratchaburi Community Development Office Ratchaburi, THAILAND

Superior Organization: Department of Community Development
Organization sector: public
Business type:
  • Governmental Trade Promotion Organization (TPO)
No. of employee:
Year establishment: 1962
Key services:
  • Building peaceful community
  • Strengthen community management capabilities
  • Promote creative economy
  • Strengthening Good Governance and Security of Community Capital


Development history:  

The Department of Community Development has focused on the practical benefits to the people in community. This organization has been analyzed to make it easy and feasible to comply with the National Economic and Social Development Plan No. 12 (2017 - 2021), Government policy and current environment situation, to be used by all officers as a framework for operational direction. The Department of Community Development (DDP) has the agenda in 2012 to strive for the commitment of the Department of Community Development and the strong community under the philosophy of community development “Sufficient economy”, to step forward to "The stable of household economy, People live in the community happily"


  • Formulate strategic policies, measures, and guidelines for national community development to be used by the public, private, and community development actors as a guiding framework for action. Work to strengthen the capacity and strength of the community.
  • Improve and develop community development standards to use as a tool for evaluating progress and standards of community development.
  • Develop systems and mechanisms to promote learning processes, knowledge management, occupation, savings and community fund management. To empower people, communities, community leaders, community organizations, and community analytical networks.
  • Support and develop the community information system. Promote the utilization and provision of community information services to manage and development effectively.
  • Study, analyze, research, develop and build knowledge for use in community development and community strategy formulation
  • Training and development of civil servants, relevant officials, community leaders, community organizations, and community organization networks to provide knowledge, skills, attitudes, and work performance. It also provides technical support for community development to local agencies and international agencies.
  • Perform any other act as required by law to be the duty of the Department or required by the ministry or the commissioned cabinet


Vision: “A solid foundation economy and a self-reliant community by 2021

Key responsibility   : Develop a solid foundation and build a strong and self-reliant community.


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Membership Info

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Services provided to members

1) Building peaceful community:

- Integrated household poverty reduction.

- Strengthen community happiness by developing Sufficiency Economy Village.


2) Strengthen community management capabilities:

- Management Information for Thai Rural Development

- Empower Network Enterprise Leadership

- Drive and integrate community plans into action.

- Promote knowledge management of the community.


3) Promote creative economy:

- Development, manufacturers, operators, and marketing.

- Promote the spread of local wisdom to the world.

- Develop community products with knowledge and innovation.


4) Strengthening Good Governance and Security of Community Capital:

- Promote good governance of community's capital.

- Develop community capital to create a stable economy.


5) Strengthen the organization to high performance:

- Developing organizations that are conducive to change: The organization of community network development.

- Strategic Human Resource Management to enhance organizational competencies.

- Develop information and communication technology for strategic management.

- Enhance the organization’s image.

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General Contact
Tel.: 32337103
Fax.: 32 337103
Legal representative
Name: Mr. Suthirak Hongsamat
Position: Director, CDD
Ratchaburi Provincial Hall, 3rd Floor , Mueng, 70000, Ratchaburi, THAILAND

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