Rice killer Banteay Meancheay, CAMBODIA

Corporate Status: Private enterprises, n/a
Business Type: Processor, Importer, Wholesaler, n/a
Business Sector: Agriculture, Manufacturing, Services
No. of employee: 11-20
Year establishment: 2013
Main products:
  • Rice
  • Peah
  • Pon

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Target markets
Domestic markets
Top 3 destination cities
  • Battambang
  • Kampot
International markets
Top 3 destination countries

Promotional materials
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Trade capacity
Monthly average:
Volume: n/a
Value: 0 USD
Annual average:
Volume: n/a
Value: 0 USD

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General Contact
Tel.: 855
Company’s legal representative
Name: Sir Kika
Position: N/a
41, st. 233, PP, 121234, Banteay Meancheay, CAMBODIA
Focal Contact
Name Surname Division/Dept. Position Mobile Tel Email
1 Mr. kiko MD 2345678 kiko@ricekiller.com
2 Mr. kikakak MD 123456787654 kikaka@ricekiller.com

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